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A Definitive List of Lists of the Best and Worst of Wikipedia for Its 15th Birthday

Wikipedia, the crowdsourced knowledge base that has become the go-to info source for eighth-graders and professionals alike, turns 15 today. Fifteen years! Can you even remember a time before Wikipedia? What did people even do? Pay for and then read books? Like a caveman? Yeesh.

In honor of Wikipedia’s quinceañera, we’re taking a page from the site’s famed list of lists of lists (and Fader’s annual Listmania) and creating some best-ofs.

Four Essential Lists

  1. List of sexually active popes
  2. List of animals with fraudulent diplomas
  3. List of inventors killed by their own inventions
  4. List of The Fast and the Furious characters

Three Entries That Should Be Edited Down, But I Hope They Never Are

  1. The synopsis for the music video for Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved”
  2. The list of memorable touchdown celebrations
  3. The entirely too-in-depth entry for Beyoncé’s “Schoolin’ Life”

One Entry That Should Never Be Edited Down

  1. List of changes in Star Wars rereleases

Best Wiki Entry About Wikipedia

  1. The entry for Seedfeeder, who illustrated dozens of sex acts

Three Best Images of Humans Interacting

  1. The old, now-replaced image for grinding
  2. The pair acting out a “too slow” high-five
  3. This guy getting pied

Five Great Wikipedia Hoaxes

  1. Reich Corps of the Trombone
  2. Amelia Bedelia was based on a maid from Cameroon
  3. The Bicholim Conflict
  4. Jar’Edo Wens
  5. Wander Donkey for the Nintendo DS

Seven Ridiculous Excerpts, As Presented by Citation Needed
The Definitive Wikipedia List of Lists