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Hillary Clinton Thinks Autocorrect Is Just the Worst, But Is Warming Up to Snapchat

The happy face of someone who hasn’t had to debate Donald Trump, at least not yet.

Last night, Jimmy Fallon reminded Hillary Clinton that the last time she was on The Tonight Show, it happened to be during a GOP debate, too. 

Was she trying to avoid them? Yes. Also, she added, you might want to avoid watching debates with Bill Clinton if you get the chance, because he just talks over it the entire time like he’s a sports announcer. Clinton also said that she wasn’t intimidated by Donald Trump — he’s “a lot more obsessed with me than I am with him” — and that she wasn’t worried about the ever-tightening race between her and Bernie Sanders. 

Earlier in the week, Trump told Fallon, “She’s having a tough time. She’s not doing well. She’s about tied in Iowa, she’s losing New Hampshire, which is amazing.”

“Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap.”

She got a tutorial in Snapchat — it was way easier than figuring out how to use a fax machine.

Fallon ended the interview by conducting a job interview, which Clinton then used as an outlet to vent her rage toward Apple’s autocorrect function. (She did not take the next logical step of promising to appoint an autocorrect czar if president, who would work hard to give every American a better autocorrect.)

How’d you hear about the position?” he asked.

Fourth-grade social studies,” she replied.

The next Democratic debate is this Sunday. Yes, it was scheduled on a three-day weekend.

Hillary Clinton on The Tonight Show