JetBlue Customers Are in Hell, or Stuck in La Guardia Airport, After Nationwide Computer Glitch

Hudson News and Auntie Anne’s must be making a killing right now. JetBlue customers are sitting in La Guardia Airport doing some major thumb-twiddling on Thursday as the airline has experienced nationwide glitches with their system. There are some major delays going on, reports Gothamist.

Some flights have no timetable whatsoever for departure; this news has yet to cause mutiny at any airports, but who knows what could happen a few hours from now?

Gate attendants are handing out baby-size water bottles to console frustrated fliers. 

The outage started at 11:37 a.m. and left JetBlue scrambling. The company finally got its website back up and running at 2:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon. Customers have been told they should still arrive to the airport on time, as they expect service to “be restored shortly.”

With not many options to pass the time except running the wrong way on the moving sidewalk, many would-be fliers have taken to Twitter.

And if you complain about it online, JetBlue will hear you — and maybe even commiserate. But that doesn’t mean your flight will leave any sooner.

JetBlue Is Messed Up Right Now