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Man Falls 5 Stories — Then Gets Impaled — at Manhattan Construction Site

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Photo: ullstein bild/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, a man working at a construction site at 34 West 17th Street in the Flatiron District fell five stories down an elevator shaft. Before hitting the basement, he was impaled on multiple steel bars. The pieces of rebar went through his abdomen, groin, and upper leg. One person at the site told DNAinfo that the steel “was holding him a foot off the ground. … He was conscious. He was moaning. It was shocking. It was bad.” According to the Daily News, the building has a “track record of safety violations.” The man was taken to a hospital and is amazingly still alive, although in serious condition. Another construction worker told CBS2“Rebar is old rusty steel. The rebar is going to kind of mess him up, hopefully he’s all right.”

Man Impaled at Construction Site