Melania Trump Thinks America Is in ‘Big Trouble.’ Huge. The Biggest.

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Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

So far, the most we’ve been able to say about Melania Trump is that no one knows much about her. She’s been characterized as the “quiet, stand-by-your-man” spouse of 2016’s most controversial candidate, and aside from an interview with Barbara Walters back in November in which she hinted that she and Donald don’t always agree, Melania hasn’t said much to counter that image.

In her profile for Harper’s Bazaar — the first time she’s spoken more than a few sentences to the press — Melania says her reticence isn’t due to shyness, but to a desire to keep the spotlight on her outspoken husband. “Because of who my husband is, and our life, and also he is number one in the polls — well, you take that all together, and people are very curious about me,” she says. “I’m choosing not to go political in public because that is my husband’s job.” 

When she does let slip a few lines on politics, they largely echo Donald’s beliefs:


He is a great leader—the best leader, an amazing negotiator,” she responds. “America needs that, and he believes in America. He believes in its potential and what it can be because it is now in big trouble.” What kind of trouble? “I don’t want to go into it,” she says. “I just believe he has what it takes to be an amazing president.”

Melania Trump Thinks America Is in ‘Big Trouble’