Hero Principal Is Killed As She Pushes Kids Clear of Bus

Susan Jordan. Photo: Lawrence Township Schools

What is the purest small-scale act of heroism you can imagine? Performing the Heimlich maneuver? Maybe pulling someone from a burning car? How about pushing a group of schoolkids out of the way of a bus, losing your own life in the process? Look no further than the story of Indiana elementary-school principal Susan Jordan.

On Tuesday at Amy Beverland Elementary School in Lawrence Township, Indiana, a school bus jumped a curb where children were waiting for pickup. Jordan pushed several students to safety, and was hit by the bus and killed a moment later. Two 10-year-olds were also sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

She was, it appears, one of those educators people are clamoring to have in their lives — there are residents who moved to the district expressly to have their kids go to her school. Last May, students, faculty, and staff produced an 11-minute video appreciation, which makes for extra-teary viewing now.

Principal Hit by Bus While Saving Kids