Queens Residents Are Still Tweeting Photos of Snowed-in Streets at the Mayor

Winter Storm Jonas the second Biggest ever in New York
Much of Queens is still an icy hellscape. Photo: View Press/Corbis

As of Monday, most of New York City had been dug out from Winter Storm Jonas. Queens, however, is not cleared, and it’s not happy about it. A day after Mayor de Blasio promised to re-up efforts to clear out the borough, residents are still tweeting photos of their unplowed streets at him.

A spokesperson for de Blasio’s office told Gothamist the situation in Queens was “unacceptable” and said the city had “immediately” allocated extra plows to the job. (Rory Lancman, a City Council member in charge of central and eastern Queens, also expressed his displeasure in a Daily News op-ed addressed to the mayor: “The City knows how to remember Queens in a snowstorm when it wants to,” he wrote. “My constituents want to know why this weekend this administration chose to forget.”) PlowNYC, the city’s digital app that displays which streets have been cleared, says that nearly all of the remaining streets were plowed this morning, but people in Queens, including Lancman, say the app is lying, and their photos make a pretty good case for that.

Queens Residents Still Snowed In