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Redditors are Sending Glitter-Bombs to the Armed Oregon Militants

A number of armed militants, terrorists, or dumbass jamokes (depending on your perspective) have occupied a little-used federal building in Oregon, and reactions have ranged from outrage at the racial component to the way the government deals with people with guns (see: the liberal internet) to cautiously doing nothing (the FBI). Reddit, the internet’s unofficial id, has its own very special reaction: It wants to glitter-bomb the militia.

Last week, the militants posted a shipping address online, calling on supporters to mail them supplies as they prepare to hunker down for a standoff with the government that may never come. Armed with that address, redditors decided to mail something else: glitter, known far and wide as the herpes of craft supplies.

A Reddit thread about the call for supplies inspired all kinds of prank suggestions — from penis-shaped gummies to hummus — but glitter-bombing was the most popular. Some posters claimed they’d already mailed some:

The prank seems directly inspired by Ship Your Enemies Glitter, a website briefly popular in early 2015 that did exactly what its name promised. It turned out to be a quick-sale scheme, and the owner flipped it for $85,000 after ginning up controversy by begging people to stop paying him to mail out glitter-bombs.

The glitter craze was followed shortly by a glitter backlash, as the internet’s Hot Take cycle dictates, and then rapidly twinkled away to nothing. But now, thanks to the sons of obstinate rancher and Second Amendment man Cliven Bundy, it appears glitter-bombing is back. Yay?

I guess it’s true what they say: It’s completely impossible to get rid of the stuff.

Reddit Is Glitter-Bombing the Oregon Militants