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Rihanna Inadvertently (?) Started a Meme by Teasing Her Next Album

Rihanna has been promoting her next album cryptically for the last few months. Anti, her first album since 2012, was first announced at a private event in L.A. last October, and then further intimated with a Samsung-sponsored website called ANTIdiaRy. Despite the PR rollout, Anti was not finished and since then, the singer has been mostly silent. This has led to frustrated fans wondering, “Where’s Anti?”

This morning, Rihanna indirectly announced that the album was nearing its release, and that she was listening to it.

You might think that a single picture of Rihanna wearing ostentatious headphones is not enough material for a meme. Yet the internet was able to MacGyver a meme using only the picture, a rubber band, and two bendy straws. Thus, “listening to ANTI 🎈” was born.

Rihanna Started a Meme by Teasing Her Next Album