Ron Paul Admits Donald Trump, Not His Son, Will Probably Be the GOP Nominee

When asked about the state of the Republican race in a Newsmax interview on Wednesday, Ron Paul was completely honest, saying, “At this point, it certainly is realistic,” to assume Donald Trump is going to be the party’s nominee. His candor was charming and refreshing — but not, we’re guessing, if you’re his son, Rand Paul. Candidates and their family members are supposed to insist that they’re going to win the race even when it’s obvious that they’re not. But the best the former Texas representative could muster when asked about Rand’s campaign was, “I think he may well surprise everybody because he has a good organization and caucus states are different.”

That isn’t to say that Ron Paul was unsympathetic to his son’s plight. He told host Steve Malzberg that as he learned in 2012, the system is rigged. “[Rand] has a different position on civil liberty and the war on drugs and Fox [said]: ‘No way, we’re not going to have you out there. We’re going to find a way to exclude you.’ So they excluded Rand Paul,” he said of the last debate (which Rand actually chose to boycott). “And they’re in a tizzy now, the Republican Party, because they got to change the rules again because we certainly don’t want to help Trump. It is a very unfair system. The political system is very corrupt.”

But hey, losing isn’t so bad. At least the Pauls will have something else to bond over — as opposed to Jeb Bush and his family.

UPDATE: Ron Paul responded with this statement:

Ron Paul: Trump Will Probably Be the Nominee