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Cops Rescued This Adorable Sloth and Turned Him Into a Meme About Being Alone

So happy being alone.

The Ecuadorian Transit Commission found an adorable, frightened sloth hugging a signpost on the side of a highway in Quevedo, and the little dude has become an instant internet sensation. The sloth is going to be fine, and everyone loves a cute animal-rescue story. But everyone also loves this very relatable photo that speaks to our secret desire for solitude.

Self-identifying as an introvert has surged in popularity as a result of many, many BuzzFeed quizzes, and when introverts see this darling sloth clinging to his pole like, “Leave me alone,” they can totally relate. The sloth? It’s them. See?

The sloth has been to the vet and will be released back into his natural habitat, where he can slowly live out the rest of his life as an internet meme.

Sloth Gets Rescued, Becomes Introvert Mascot