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Jean-Marie Le Pen Is Pretty Sure That ‘Damaging’ Selfie Ruined His Electoral Chances

A bad selfie can wreak havoc on your personal brand — just ask Kim K. — but it doesn’t usually make international headlines. Unfortunately for French right-wing politician Jen-Marie Le Pen, a photo of him asleep on an airplane not only went viral, but it also sparked a debate about whether he and the National Front party are still relevant in French politics. Now Le Pen is suing the photographer, Brahim Zaibat (who happens to be an ex-boyfriend of Madonna’s), claiming the photo contributed to his party’s crushing defeat in national elections last month. (Zaibat’s caption reads: “Knock out [the National Front] tomorrow by going to vote. Preserve our fraternal France!!! #Iloveit.”)

Mettez les KO demain en allant tous voter. Pour préserver notre France fraternelle !!! #jadoreça

Posted by Brahim Zaibat on Saturday, December 12, 2015

Le Pen wants €50,000 (roughly $54,ooo) in damages from Zaibat along with a public apology. He claims the photo “harmed his image and was instrumental in the defeat of the party,” according to the BBC, but analysts say it’s more likely rival parties worked together to bring about the National Front’s defeat. In any case, Le Pen’s drooling countenance lends new meaning to the phrase “stay woke.”

Jean-Marie Le Pen Suing Over ‘Damaging’ Selfie