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Sarah Palin’s Terrible Speech Doesn’t Sound Any Better As an Iggy Azalea Freestyle

Quick: Name two popular white women who have some trouble speaking off the cuff. 

Here’s one: Former vice-presidential candidate and devoted reader of every newspaper Sarah Palin, who addressed a crowd in Ames, Iowa, on Tuesday, officially throwing her support behind autumn gourd Donald Trump for president. Discussing Trump’s appeal to her particular conservative demographic, she  … well, she rapped. Really.

Here’s what Palin said, semi-rhythmically and semi-rhymingly:

How ‘bout the rest of us? Right wingin’, bitter clingin’, proud clingers of our guns, our God, and our religions, and our Constitution. Tell us that we’re not red enough? Yeah, coming from the Establishment. Right.”

But the former governor of Alaska stumbled a little bit between “our God and our religions,” calling to mind a proud clinger of a different sort — another white female rapper whose popularity passed its peak years ago and whose delivery needed some serious work. Yes, Iggy Azalea, whose infamous stumbling freestyle was recently immortalized in Vine form:

All of which is just to say that this brilliant, perfect Vine mash-up now exists:

It works on so many levels.

This Iggy Azalea–Sarah Palin Mash-Up Is Perfect