12 Missing in the Pacific: U.S. Marine Helicopters Collide Over Hawaii

Sea Stallions collide. Photo: Staff Sgt. T.G. Kessler/USMC/Wikimedia Commons

Just before midnight on Thursday, two U.S. Marine helicopters struck each other and crashed during a training exercise over the Hawaiian island of Oahu, U.S. Coast Guard officials told the AP. The Coast Guard says that each of the CH-53 Super Stallion helicopters held six passengers. The rescue mission has, so far, found no survivors. 

Coast Guard officials say they’ve seen burning debris, fire on the water, and an empty life raft floating two and a half miles off the Oahu town of Haleiwa, NBC reports. A Navy helicopter crew has joined the Coast Guard and local firefighters on the search mission.

U.S. Marine Helicopters Collide Over Hawaii