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Here’s What Johnny Manziel May Have Looked Like in Disguise

Billy Manziel. Photo-Illustration: Photos: Getty Images

Johnny Manziel missed a mandatory appointment with the Browns on Sunday, and reports surfaced that he’d been spotted the night before partying in Las Vegas. According to one report, Manziel even took steps to make sure he wasn’t recognized, donning a blond wig, a fake mustache, glasses, and a hoodie, in addition to introducing himself with the name “Billy.” (That last detail, unsurprisingly, has sparked countless “Billy Football” jokes.) The Browns are said to be increasingly concerned with the behavior of Manziel, who spent ten weeks in an addiction rehab center last summer. So if you see someone who looks like the man in the artist’s rendering above, do consider giving the Browns a heads-up (unless, of course, they’ve already gotten rid of him by then).

What Johnny Manziel May Look Like in Disguise