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Google’s Autocomplete Has Generated a Dating Profile So Good, No Human Can Compete

Can Google’s search algorithms write a dating profile more potent and interesting than that of any mere human man? Of course. We will all be replaced by the machines as we’re dragged kicking and screaming toward the Singularity. And the machine that will get the most laid is this guy, whose attributes are composed entirely of Google autocomplete results:

If you’re a boozed-up flat-earther with a car hobby, get in touch with TechnicallyRon as soon as possible. He won’t be available for long, obviously. It’s a seller’s market out there for any eligible specimen who gets turned on by cuddling and depression.

And if you are a mortal flesh-man hoping to compete in the stringent and exacting dating scene created as we act on software and software acts on us, back and forth forever, do not lose hope. TechnicallyRon is available to write your dating profile, as well. It’s going to cost you, though.

When Google Autocomplete Writes a Dating Profile