Woman Slashed in Face on 6 Train Near Bleecker Street

And you thought your Monday commute was terrible. Photo: Nick Farnhill/CC/flickr

As if today’s post-blizzard commute weren’t bad enough, a woman aboard the 6 train near the Bleecker Street station in Manhattan was slashed across the face this morning by a man in his 20s. The woman, who CBS says is 71, was sitting on the train as it approached Mulberry Street at about 7:20 a.m. when the suspect, who reportedly wore red pants and black shoes, approached her and slashed her face, leaving a four-inch gash. When the train stopped at Bleecker, they both got off. Police said the woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where she’s being treated for the non-life-threatening injury; the suspect is thought to have escaped by jumping on a southbound D train.

This is the third seemingly unprovoked slashing in less than a month. On January 6, 24-year-old Amanda Morris had her face cut on a Chelsea sidewalk as she headed to work. According to Morris’s account of the story, which was corroborated by police footage, the man who’d been walking in front of her slowed down, turned around, slashed her in the face, and fled. A second victim, 28-year-old Nicole Pagliaro, came forward shortly thereafter, saying she recognized the attacker in Morris’s account from her own incident earlier that week. “The way he approached her, the way he held the knife was exactly the same as my story,” she told DNAinfo at the time. That suspect is reportedly in custody, but police have yet to make an arrest in this morning’s case. 

Woman Slashed in Face on 6 Train