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Babies Being Confused by Their Dads’ Twins Are an Eternal, Renewable, Unbelievably Cute Resource

Recognizing a parent’s face is one of the most important early skills babies learn. So when one of the parents has an identical twin, it’s a recipe for confusion. Which one is Dada? You? This guy? Both of you?! Fortunately, confused babies are extremely adorable, so it’s also a recipe for a very popular Facebook video.

When your dad is a twin...

Posted by Stephen Ratpojanakul on Thursday, February 4, 2016

This is baby Reed, and the guy on the left is his dad, Stephen Ratpojanakul. On the right is Stephen’s twin brother, Michael, who wears glasses. Apparently, that’s the only way 16-month-old Reed can tell his dad and uncle apart. So when Dad puts on the glasses, Reed goes straight for Uncle Michael.

Although he’s obviously befuddled by the twin-dad situation, Reed appears to be an extremely chill baby.

“I promise Reed was having fun — he’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen,” Stephen Ratpojanakul told BuzzFeed.

In a fascinating twist, baby Reed’s mom, Carroll, also has a twin. She told BuzzFeed that she and her sister tried the same trick, but Reed somehow wasn’t fooled. Maybe it’s all in the glasses?

This isn’t the first video in the “baby confused by twin parents” genre, by any means. This one, of a slightly older baby named Charlie meeting his dad’s twin brother at the front door, has picked up nearly 5 million views on YouTube since 2014:

And there’s this one, posted in 2013:

The phenomenon isn’t just limited to dads, either. Here’s a 10-month-old baffled by his mom’s sister:

Hopefully baby Reed doesn’t figure this whole “twins” thing out before he inevitably gets invited to re-create the trick on Ellen.

Babies Totally, Adorably Confused by Dads’ Twins