Chris Christie Ends His Presidential Campaign

Chris Christie campaigns in New Hampshire ahead of primary
Photo: Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images

After a sixth-place showing in New Hampshire Tuesday night, CBS News has confirmed that Chris Christie is finally ready to stop pretending that he could ever be president.

Christie’s 2016 campaign boasted few successes. In 2012, the political press had salivated over the possibility of the New Jersey governor making a bid for the White House. But after “Bridgegate” opened its box of Christie scandals, moderate Republican pundits turned their eyes to other governors, and the GOP base continued to have no interest in a literal Obama-hugger.

Still, before exiting the race, Christie managed to perform a genuine public service. At Saturday’s debate, Christie finally used his bullying powers for good instead of evil and literally broke Florida senator Marco Rubio. With the campaign behind him, the governor can devote his full energies to the people of New Jersey and/or trying to evade indictment.