Entrance Polls Predict Clinton and Trump Wins in Iowa

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be in high spirits in Iowa tonight, if early entrance polls prove true.

CNN has Clinton leading Vermont senator Bernie Sanders at the door, 50 to 44 percent, with former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley commanding just 3 percent support. Clinton’s advantage lies in her strength among female voters, which overwhelms Sanders’s dominance among younger caucusgoers in the poll.

The cable network has Trump at 27 percent, Cruz at 22, and Rubio on his heels at 21 percent. That last result would be very good news for the Republican Establishment, who have hoped a strong showing from Rubio could ensure that the GOP race doesn’t devolve into a two-man race between a pathological narcissist and a sociopathic ideologue.

CBS shows similar results in its entrance polls. Still, these polls are highly suspect, particularly on the Democratic side, where voters will actively try to persuade each other to change allegiance while caucusing.

Entrance Polls Predict Clinton and Trump Wins