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Footage Emerges of Bernie Sanders Being Arrested at 1963 Antisegregation Protest

Footage and a photograph of Bernie Sanders being arrested at a 1963 antisegregation protest have emerged, according to the New York Times and Chicago Tribune. The Times notes a video that has been uploaded by a company called Kartemquin Films shows a young man, who the Sanders campaign confirms was the senator, being dragged away by police officers at the protest. The Tribune found an old photo of the same event:

At the time, Sanders was a 21-year-old student at the University of Chicago. The video shows his arrest on August 12, 1963, while protesting against the segregation of Chicago public schools in Englewood. He was later charged with resisting arrest and fined $25.

It was Sanders himself who confirmed it was him in the video, according to his campaign. In addition, the Chicago Tribune subsequently found a photograph in their archives showing Sanders’s arrest as well, which they then released early Saturday morning. (Senator Sanders also confirmed the authenticity of the photo.)

The footage and image are sure to bolster Sanders’s civil-rights record, a record some involved in Hillary Clinton’s campaign have recently called into question in the run-up to Saturday’s primary in South Carolina, where the Democratic voting will be dominated by African Americans.

Images Emerge of Sanders’s Segregation Arrest