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The Internet Was Not Kind to Jeb Bush or His Monogrammed Gun Today

It’s been another rough day for Jeb! Bush. First, someone bought his domain name,, and redirected it to the website of his blustering rival, Donald J. Trump. Then, in what armchair psychologists might see as an attempt to reclaim his manhood, Jeb tweeted a photo of a gun with his name on it. He captioned it “America.”

Oh, Jeb. Poor, sweet Jeb. Here are some other things which are America, according to Twitter:

This guy:

And this guy:

This raccoon:

The dog:

Cloud Strife’s sword from Final Fantasy VII:

More gun deaths per capita than anywhere else in the world:

And actually everything. Darius Kazemi, probably the best-known maker of Twitter bots, repurposed one of his accounts to automatically mock the Jeb tweet:

When you’ve been badly burned by Newsweek, you know things have gotten desperate. And Jeb may not have considered another aspect of the “optics” of tweeting a gun with his name engraved on it and the word “America.” It may have been intended as strong support for the Second Amendment, but to some,  it looked more like a cry for help:

Jeb, it’s going to be okay. You don’t have to be president if you don’t want to.

Jeb Bush’s Gun Is the Laughingstock of Twitter