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Sikh Vine Star Jus Reign Forced to Remove Turban by TSA Agents

Vine star Jasmeet Singh, a Canadian Sikh who performs as Jus Reign, was forced to remove his turban by TSA agents at San Francisco International Airport — a humiliating experience he related in a series of tweets in which he called out the TSA for its xenophobia.

Singh, who has more than a million followers on Vine, is likely among the most well-known Sikh men in North America. Many of his most famous videos skewer Western interpretations of people of color and their culture, like “Brown People Try White People Food,” a response to BuzzFeed’s ubiquitous “White People [do something mildly out of their comfort zone]” videos.

But being a charming and popular presence on Vine isn’t quite enough to avoid TSA suspicions:

This is the second such incident this month: Two weeks ago, Sikh actor and designer Waris Ahluwalia, who’s appeared in three Wes Anderson movies and a Gap campaign, was prevented from flying from Mexico City to New York by airline employees after refusing to remove his turban. The Sikh turban, called a dastaar, is an integral part of the religion, and cannot be removed in public. “When a Sikh man or woman dons a turban, the turban ceases to be just a piece of cloth and becomes one and the same with the Sikh’s head,” according to the website of the Sikh Coalition, an advocacy group.

Sikh Vine Star Forced to Remove Turban by TSA