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Matt Buchanan and John Herrman Are Leaving the Awl

The Awl is looking for an editor or two: John Herrman and Matt Buchanan, who have co-edited the influential blog for two years, are both leaving within the next few weeks.

Herrman’s headed to the New York Times — he was announced as one of the paper’s David Carr fellows this morning — and Buchanan is either “looking for a job” or “finally going to med school,” he told me over DM. “I sort of think running the Awl should maybe be a two-year position anyway,” he says. “Maybe we should call it a fellowship.”

Despite the worries of Media Twitter, the Awl isn’t going anywhere: “The Awl, which is now one of the last independent publishers left standing on the web — we’ve still never taken anyone’s money!!! — has never been as widely read or influential as it is right now,” Buchanan says, “which is why it’s in the perfect place for someone newer, younger, and smarter than a couple of straight white dudes to take over and do something far more interesting with it.”

The co-editors, who previously edited BuzzFeed’s FWD section together before Buchanan left for The New Yorker, announced the departure today in a blog post entitled, characteristically, “Job Open (Again).

In the two years since taking over from founders Alex Balk and Choire Sicha (who recently took a job at Vox Media), Buchanan and Herrman had made the job an essential daily read for anyone interested in mediafoodpoliticsreal estate, and the infinity of time and space — among other things. (Full disclosure: I once wrote about collectible card games for the Awl.)

Matt Buchanan Is Leaving the Awl