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Oregon Militants Post Videos Taunting FBI, Say All Charges Should Be Dropped

Anti-Government Protestors Occupy National Wildlife Refuge In Oregon
It’s not the most logical strategy. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It appears the four militia members still occupying a bird refuge in Oregon are as surprised as the rest of the country that no one has tried to arrest them yet. The self-described patriots have now taken to YouTube, where they call FBI agents losers, take a tour of an illegally built perimeter fence, and even drive around in a stolen government vehicle, CBS News reports. According to a Law & Order we just watched, videos like these are considered probable cause.

The four occupiers, David Fry, Jeff Banta, and Sean and Sandy Anderson, posted the mocking videos on their YouTube channel, DefendYourBase, not to be confused with similarly named Minecraft discussion boards.

In a video titled “Shove Your Charges Where the Sun Don’t Shine,” Fry reminds the FBI that the barricades they have erected constitute a crime, shows the government plates on a couple of the group’s stolen cars — including a pretty sweet PT Cruiser — and finally takes a stolen truck for a ride around the encampment saying, “Now you’ve got another charge on me, FBI. I’m driving your vehicle.”

Just in case what he’s saying isn’t clear, Fry clarifies, “This is how I want to say screw you.”

The oddly cranky militiaman later laments, “I’m tired of you guys telling us what we can and can’t do,” even though it seems pretty clear no one is doing anything of the kind.

In another video, the good couple Anderson complains that they feel like hostages because they can’t leave without being arrested. Though the word for that is actually “criminals.”

Of course this degree of illogical ranting is like chum for politicians. Nevada state assembly member and active member of the United States government Michele Fiore, along with her Coalition of Western States, was quick to come to the defense of the armed, radical, anti-government militia.

At one point in the video, Sean Anderson becomes upset: “What are they to do with us? They either let us go, drop all charges because we’re good people, or they come in and kill us. How’s that going to set with America?” The Feds probably weren’t going to drop the charges anyway, but it’s unclear how publicly taunting them is supposed to help their cause.

Oregon Militants Post Videos Taunting FBI