Here Is the Insightful Exchange Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Were Having Before Wolf Blitzer Interrupted

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Houston, Texas
America’s leading statesmen. Photo: Pool/2016 Getty Images

At the tenth GOP debate, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz had a dialogue so substantive and insightful, it’s worth reproducing in its entirety.


Ted Cruz: Donald, I understand that rules are very hard for you. They’re very confusing.

Donald Trump: Thank you for the book. Thank you for the book.

TC: Donald —

DT: We’re having a lot of fun up here tonight, I have to tell you. Thank you, for the book.

TC: Donald, relax.

: You’re the basket case. Don’t get nervous.

TC: I promise you, Donald: There is nothing about you that makes anyone nervous.

America is finally getting the clash of ideas it deserves.

Trump and Cruz Debate Who Is More Nervous