Yahoo Searched for Ways to Cut Costs — Layoffs Were the Top Result

Yahoo Said to Propose Job Cuts as Part of Mayer's Revival Plan
Photo: Noah Berger/Bloomberg/Getty Images

That search engine you sometimes use by accident just fired a bunch of people at digital magazines you don’t read. Yahoo is shuttering half of its content verticals, Politico reports. Yahoo Food is among the casualties, as is Yahoo Tech editor-in-chief Dan Tynan. Tynan’s tech site will be folded into the company’s broader news unit.

This will be but one in a series of bloody Wednesdays at Yahoo, according to Re/code. The company’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, has pledged to cut staff by 15 percent, but has chosen to maximize her employees’ anxiety by spreading out these layoffs over several weeks, handing out the latest round of pink slips every hump day.

In his farewell memo to staff, Tynan suggested the departed may enjoy a rosier future than the company that cast them out.

I am sure that bigger and better things await all of us. As for Yahoo, I am sure it will continue to be Yahoo, for better or worse,” he wrote. “And some day we’ll all have a good laugh about it. Just not this week.”

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