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Zuckerberg Offers Jaunty Preview of Horrific Techno-Future

At an event touting the Samsung Gear virtual-reality headset yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg strode to the stage, right past unaware users each lost in their own VR experience.

As is the case with most Zuckerberg images, it became fodder for some jokes.

A lot of people, on the other hand, saw the photo for what it really was: a horrifying vision of the future in which virtual reality has supplanted meatspace human interaction as our main activity, each of us cordoned off in our own virtual bubble, ready to submit to the almighty, corpocratic algorithm that dictates the schedules of our every waking moment, as a grinning billionaire in dad jeans and New Balances strides past.


Zuckerberg Offers Preview of Bad Techno-Future