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5 Good Internet Things You Might’ve Missed This Week

There’s tons of great stuff happening online every day. Even right now! While we try to get most of the good stuff, things occasionally slip through the cracks. Or maybe they just don’t need an entire blog post unto themselves. Blog posts are, after all, a finite resource, like oil or helium. There are only so many.

What follows are some of these good things.

The voice of a generation.

It happens to the best of us. We log online and think, Today’s the day. Today, I will have a productive discussion about politics on Twitter. This happened to writer Vann R. Newkirk II on Tuesday when he inadvertently got caught in the midst of a conversation between activist Shaun King and musician John Legend. Eventually, the cross-talk became too much.

untag me I want out.” We’ve all been there.

Thing explodes.

A propane tank in Crocker Park exploded but apparently nobody was injured, so it’s totally okay to enjoy this vine.

Justin Trudeau, tarnished.

Do you like Justin Trudeau? I do. Admittedly, I don’t know much about him or his policies but he seems nice. He certainly gets along well with President Obama. The fumes of their bromance this week were so strong, in fact, that they reminded some of the show Scrubs.

Now, whenever I see Justin Trudeau, all I can think is, That guy looks like Zach Braff. Great, that’s just what I needed: more reminders of Zach Braff.

Okays, aligned.

Everything about this chart is correct.

Two children dancing.

Congrats, to both of these kids, who have great moves.

5 Good Internet Things You Might’ve Missed