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Anderson Cooper’s Facts No Match for Delicious, High-Quality Trump Steaks

Those who tuned in early for CNN’s broadcast of the Univision/Washington Post debate on Wednesday night got a taste of the network’s hard-hitting political reporting. At the end of an interview that took place in an empty middle-school auditorium in Versailles, Anderson Cooper confronted Donald Trump about the Trump-brand steaks, vodka, and magazines he showed off during his victory press conference earlier this week. Cooper noted that as Mitt Romney claimed, all of those businesses flopped, but Trump insisted they’re still going strong. Is it still possible to buy those items in stores? No. But Trump has slapped his name on many items available to guests staying at his hotels and resorts. Trump tries to explain this several times, but AC is too dumb to understand his complex business jargon. Sad!

AC’s Facts No Match for Delicious Trump Steaks