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Ted Cruz Urges Marco Rubio to Drop Out, Says He Totally Would Have Done the Same for Him

PETERBOROUGH, NH - FEBRUARY 7: Republican presidential candidat
If we’ve learned one thing in this race, it’s that hats and giant signs never lie. Photo: Cassi Alexandra/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

After winning his home state of Texas on Tuesday night, Ted Cruz made a plea to the Republican candidates who “have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates,” saying, “I ask you to prayerfully consider coming together, uniting.” Ben Carson might have heeded his words — it’s hard to say what he’s doing — but it seems Marco Rubio still intends to take his fight all the way to the convention.

On Wednesday night, Cruz tried a new strategy to convince Rubio to drop out, revealing that he definitely would have quit if he hadn’t won in Texas. “Listen, everyone recognizes Donald Trump is a unique phenomenon. And we were encouraged by internal numbers, but you know, I asked the team what do we do if we lose Texas?” Cruz told reporters in Kansas. “And we had reached the conclusion, if we had lost Texas, that would’ve been the end of the road.”

Clearly it’s only fair that Rubio promises to drop out if he fails to win Florida on March 15 (which seems pretty likely, as he’s trailing Trump by double digits in recent polls). Of course, there’s no proof that Cruz would have cleared the way for Rubio had he lost Texas, but he should just trust him. Rubio’s seen his campaign slogan, right?

Cruz to Rubio: I Would Drop Out If I Were You