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Some Days All You’ve Got Is the Skeleton Dance

Every once in a while, there are those perfect days. You’re on top of the world. Everything’s gravy, nothing can go wrong — you’re unstoppable.

Out on the blacktop at recess, the calls for you to bust a move reach a fever pitch. Immediately — instinctually — you start to groove. There’s no music but regardless, the rhythm and the movement flow through you like a mighty river. You throw in a Dab here, a Superman there. The crowd is going nuts.

But not all days can be like this. On other days, the rhythm is off. You’re not feeling the music. The best you can do is a frantic Bees’ Knees, a dance most famous in the present day for its appearance in the classic cartoon short “The Skeleton Dance.”

Sometimes you are the Dabber. Sometimes, all you’ve got are the Bees’ Knees. Such is the coin toss we call life. The most important thing is enthusiasm. If the only move you have is the Bees’ Knees — do the best Bees’ Knees the world has ever seen.

Some Days All You’ve Got Is the Skeleton Dance