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Trump-Backing Columnist Accuses Former Cruz Aide of Affair During Live CNN Interview

Anchor Kate Bolduan’s head scratch speaks for us all. Photo: CNN via Mediaite

On CNN Friday morning, after the former Ted Cruz spokesperson Amanda Carpenter had just finished talking about the throwdown between Cruz and Donald Trump over Cruz’s wife, anchor Kate Bolduan asked her other guest, the Boston Herald’s Adriana Cohen, whether everyone should just move on from the ugly matter. “Oh absolutely, I think we should move on,” said Cohen, who is a Trump supporter … whereupon she suggested that they talk about today’s National Enquirer report alleging that Cruz has had multiple extramarital affairs, including, she said, one with Carpenter.

Carpenter strongly denied the accusation, calling it “tabloid trash” and “categorically false,” adding that Cohen should be “ashamed for spreading this kind of smut.” Watch the entire uncomfortable segment below.

Former Cruz Aide Accused of Affair on Live TV