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Google Puts Terrifying Robot Future Company Up for Sale

Photo: Boston Dynmatics

Boston Dynamics, the company closest to manufacturing a T–1000, has reportedly been put up for sale by owner Google. BD was acquired by Google a little over two years ago, as it looked further into robotics, the humanoid, and, uh, dog-anoid robots seemed like a good complement to Google’s automated-car programs.

But walking robots, as cool as they are, are not profitable. According to Bloomberg, executives at Alphabet, Google’s parent company, became concerned that Boston Dynamics had no “plans to generate real revenue” and “isn’t likely to produce a marketable product in the next few years.“ Furthermore, rotating leadership has hindered the division’s progress over the past few years, and they were reportedly reluctant to work with other Google divisions. Though I will admit I would buy a Cheetah for $75 at Sharper Image.

Before its acquisition, much of Boston Dynamics’ work came from lucrative military projects, which generally don’t require developing products for mass market. Under Google, however, they did not accept military contracts (though they honored existing ones), and so the pressure to come up with sustainable revenue increased considerably. Here’s an idea: Make the robots fight and charge a pay-per-view fee.

Google Puts Boston Dynamics Up for Sale