Adult Man With Toy Lightsaber Inadvertently Causes College-Campus Lockdown; Alderaan Reported Safe

A college student brought an entire Long Island college campus to a standstill on Wednesday morning after a woman spotted him sitting in his car with a lightsaber and thought it was a firearm. SUNY Farmingdale went on lockdown around 9:45 a.m. after the woman phoned campus police to report that a man in the college’s parking lot was putting together a rifle. By the time police arrived, the young Jedi had already left, but cops embarrassed him further by tracking him down at his off-campus job and confirming that he was in possession of a toy. The campus alert was lifted a little more than an hour later, but whether the guy will ever live this down is another question entirely.

Grown-up With Lightsaber Puts Campus on Lockdown