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How to Look Like a YouTube Personality

VidCon is almost here! The seventh annual meet-up of YouTube creators and fans takes place in late June in Anaheim, California, and if you haven’t already started planning your trip, you’re a sucker. They’ve already announced the lineup of featured creators!

Being a featured creator means you’ve made it to the big(ish) time. With 172 — mostly white, almost aggressively nonthreatening — vlog personalities on the slate, how might a YouTuber distinguish themselves? Here’s how to make yourself stand out.

Wear glasses with thick frames: 34 YouTubers

Look off to the side like something really interesting is happening: 26 YouTubers

Raise an eyebrow: 20 YouTubers

Put your hand on your head: 17 YouTubers

Smirk: 10 YouTubers

Look surprised: 8 YouTubers

Do something with your hands: 6 YouTubers

String instrument: 4 YouTubers

Stick your tongue out in a wacky way: 2 YouTubers

How to Look Like a YouTube Personality