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The Internet’s New Celebrity Cat Is a Coconut-Oil Addict Called ‘Goal Kitty’

You may have seen the pictures floating around the internet: a black cat with a white splotch on her front, her paws awkwardly splayed up and out. If you click through the gallery below, you’ll see her strike her trademark pose against a variety of backgrounds. Meet “Goal Kitty,” the internet’s newest celebrity cat:

so my friends cat does this...

But why does Goal Kitty strike such an unusual and inspirational pose? An expose by BuzzFeed reveals her tragic secret: a coconut-oil addiction.

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BuzzFeed explains: “Her human, Peter Mares, told BuzzFeed that she started doing it one morning as a sort of stretch and he grabbed his camera. The next morning, she did the same thing and he rewarded her with her favorite: coconut oil. Now it’s become so routine that ‘she has come to recognize the camera, and does these “goal hands” whenever she sees it.’” 

#goalkitty doing her thing #sayhi #keys #majorkey

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Ah, but at what price fame? At what price cuteness?

Meet the Internet’s New Celebrity Cat