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MTA Clocks Struggling With the Concept of Daylight Saving Time

Take our word for it: This image was captured at 11:02. Photo: NBC4

Fewer and fewer clocks these days need to be reset at the start of daylight saving time, but the MTA, as in so many things, works on its own schedule. About 17 of the MTA’s 1,700 digital clocks failed to spring forward early Sunday morning as they’re supposed to, leaving the wrong time displayed at Columbus Circle in Manhattan and Lorimer Street in Brooklyn, among other stations.

It wasn’t immediately clear why some clocks failed to update. MTA workers were quickly dispatched to set them manually, though NBC New York reports that at least one, at Court Square in Queens, was still wrong as of Tuesday morning. New Yorkers were not shocked that the MTA would be an hour behind on something. Said one commuter to NBC: “You roll with it. It’s New York, what can you do?”

MTA Clocks Struggling With Daylight Saving Time