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Multiple Tornadoes Tear Through Oklahoma, Injuring 7

Paging Auntie Em. Photo: CBS News/CBS News

At least four tornadoes made their way through Oklahoma on Wednesday night, wreaking havoc on property and injuring at least seven, Reuters reports. The Oklahoma EMS said seven people in Tulsa were taken to hospitals for storm-related injuries, and one was in critical condition. Downed power lines reportedly left several thousand people without power, but CBS reports cleanup crews are already canvassing the city to help clear away debris.

Almost 9 million people in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas were in at-risk areas Wednesday night, according to the Storm Prediction Center. At least one additional tornado was spotted in Kansas, and National Weather Service has issued a flash-flood warning for parts of northern Louisiana and Mississippi until Thursday evening.

Forecasters expect the storm system to move east to Alabama, where it could bring hail, more tornadoes, and winds of up to 70 mph. In other words, if you live in a state that makes up what forecasters lovingly refer to as “tornado alley,” stay inside.

Multiple Tornadoes Tear Through Oklahoma