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NYPD Arrests 22, Finds 14 Kilos of Heroin in Massive Drug Bust

Notice the carefully displayed chains.

After 20 months of investigative work, officers in the NYPD’s narcotics unit arrested 22 members of a drug ring operating in New York. On Wednesday morning, police conducted simultaneous raids in the Bronx, upper Manhattan, and the Lower East Side according to NYPD deputy chief Lori Pollock, who called those apprehended “people sleeping with guns under their pillows.” Police found 14 kilos of heroin, a gallon of liquid PCP, 14 guns, and $200,000 in cash along with eight “pricey watches,” an unspecified number of gold chains, and eight “nice rides,” which included BMWs and Nissan Maximas, in the raids, the New York Daily News reports.

According to the Daily News, the drug ring was a delivery-by-phone operation that sold to other drug dealers. It sold heroin under brands such as “Thriller,” “Crush,” “OMG” and “Pepsi.” Following the arrest, officers got to do that thing where they stand behind large piles of cash and look very serious.

NYPD Arrests 22 in Bronx, Manhattan Drug Bust