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NYPD Cops Suspended for Salon-Wrecking Hit-and-Run

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The NYPD has suspended (without pay) three cops following a Friday night of extremely poor choices. The trouble seems to have started when Detective Christopher Corulla, Detective Frank Muirhead, and Lieutenant Vincent Molinini hit a Staten Island bar to celebrate Molinini’s recent promotion. After some drinks, the trio got into Corulla’s car, which he promptly backed into another vehicle and the plate-glass window of the well-named Hair Do or Dye Salon. They then decided it was time to leave without saying anything to anybody about what had just happened.

The New York Daily News reports that the trio left the scene in Muirhead’s car. But the owner of the vehicle they’d hit (who just happened to be the DJ at the bar they’d just left) was right behind them:

The DJ chased the panicked cops in his banged-up car, catching the three officers at a nearby red light, sources said.

The men identified themselves as cops and claimed Corulla was feeling sick with possible food poisoning. Sources said the trio asked if they could come back Saturday morning to settle up. The DJ agreed.

The salon sustained at least $50,000 in damage, according to NBC New York, and its employees say half of the business is “destroyed.”

There’s not much to say here. There’s nothing good about what happened,” a police source told the Daily News. Corulla, Muirhead, and Molinini will be off the job for 30 days. Meanwhile, per NBC New York, “The NYPD is investigating whether Corulla had been drinking before plowing his car into the salon. Investigators will also look into why the three detectives abandoned Corulla’s car and left the scene of the accident.” Sounds like a tough one.

NYPD Cops Suspended for Hit-and-Run