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Oregon Man Launches Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC

“Do these hands look small to you?” Photo: RHONA WISE

When a call comes into the White House at 3 a.m., will Donald Trump’s tiny baby hands be able to lift the phone receiver?” Henry Kraemer of Portland, Oregon, would like to know, and on Monday he launched the “Trump Has Tiny Hands” super-pac because, as he tells the Hill, he believes other voting Americans would like to know, too.

Donald Trump’s tiny hands — and his other correspondingly tiny parts — have been a contentious topic ever since Marco Rubio pointed them out in a series of desperate digs that included, “You know what they say about men with small hands … You can’t trust ’em!”

Trump fired back with the infamous debate declaration: “He hit my hands. No one has ever hit my hands. Look at those hands, are those small hands? And he referred to my hands as if, if they’re small, something else may be small. I guarantee to you there’s no problem.” Which in no way answers the phone-receiver question.