Report: Trump’s Top Aide, Corey Lewandowski, Drunk-Dials Female Reporters

Donald Trump Holds Press Conference To Announce Ben Carson Endorsement
More accusations. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, was seen grabbing a protester’s shirt collar in Tuscon over the weekend and has called protestors “sick.” Now BuzzFeed is reporting that Lewandowski has been acting more like a pissed frat boy than the chief officer of a major-party candidate, particularly among the women of the press corps.

During a press conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, earlier this month, Lewandowski shoved CNN reporter Noah Gray away from Trump as he was trying to ask a question, and has threatened Gray with the loss of his press credentials. He also allegedly manhandled Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, leading to her resignation after the conservative news site didn’t back up her claim.

According to BuzzFeed, it’s become a running joke among reporters that if Lewandowski is calling a female journalist deep into the evening, she’s better off ignoring the call; the calls, reportedly, do not quite sound sober. Politico, which has reported similar stories, described his comments to female journalists as “completely inappropriate in a professional setting.” Trump has done little to condemn his campaign manager’s behavior, calling Fields’s claim “made up.”

Update: The Trump campaign has denied the story and accused BuzzFeed’s reporter of repeatedly publishing inaccurate reports about Trump. “Corey is a loyal aide and trusted advisor to Mr. Trump, and is otherwise a private citizen who does not deserve anonymous, disparaging and totally false accusations and will fight back with all available legal remedies peddled by this disgruntled blogger,” the campaign said in a statement.

Report: Trump Aide Drunk-Dials Female Reporters