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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the Disastrous Kansas Tax Cuts

Seth Meyers, Monday night.

Last week, New York’s Eric Levitz argued that more attention should be paid to the disastrous budget implemented under Kansas governor Sam Brownback, since all three contenders for the GOP nomination favor similar policies on a national scale. And Monday night, Seth Meyers dedicated a segment to Kansas and its relevance to the presidential race, comparing the situation to a cleaning product that suggests testing on a small patch of fabric first. “Kansas was the small patch of fabric,” said Meyers, “and not only did the cleaner not work, the couch exploded.”

You can watch Meyers’s segment below. Come for the smart talk about Kansas’s budget woes; stay for the jokes about the state’s auction of sex toys seized from a tax-delinquent porn shop.

Seth Meyers on the Disastrous Kansas Tax Cuts