Spanish Authorities Seized 22,000 ISIS and Al-Nusra Uniforms

On-trend for spring? Photo: Cuerpo Nacional de Policía de España

Thousands of ISIS and Al-Nusra members are going to have to rifle through their closets for something camouflage to wear as the weather warms up. That’s because Spanish authorities confiscated about 20,000 uniforms, as well as supplies “able to equip an army” of jihadi fighters, as they were smuggled through Spain to ISIS- and Al-Nusra Front–controlled areas of Iraq and Syria, according to Spain’s Interior Ministry. 

During an anti-terror raid on February 7, 11,000 pounds of mostly camo was found in three containers labeled “secondhand clothing” heading through Valencia and Algeciras, according to the Policía Nacional. It was not immediately obvious who shipped them, although, El País reported, one of the seven people arrested during Spain’s anti-terrorism raids in February owned a company that imported and exported clothing. Spain’s interior minister said that some of the groups sending aid and supplies to Syria and Iraq are posing as NGO humanitarian organizations. 

Spanish Authorities Seize 22,000 Terror Uniforms