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This Teenager Just Won $250,000 in a Drone-Racing Competition

The World Drone Prix Dubai 2016 Competition
Photo: Razan Alzayani/Bloomberg via Getty Images

On Sunday, while you were sitting on your butt doing nothing, 15-year-old Luke Bannister took first place in the first-ever World Drone Prix. For his effort Bannister took home $250,000 in prize money, a quarter of the $1 million purse.

Drone racing is an increasingly popular sport (sport?) in which pilots use video goggles hooked up to a camera on the drone in order to pilot it in first-person. The video of the crafts whipping around at high-speed is reminiscent of podracing (proving once and for all that The Phantom Menace was a good movie ahead of its time).

Bannister’s winnings are the largest yet for the sport, which has already started forming leagues and pro teams.

Teen Wins Drone-Racing Competition, $250,000