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Yes, I Would Play This VR Cat-Petting Simulator If It Actually Existed

VR’s some powerful stuff. You can use it to tour a college campus — to practice landing a small plane on your private island — to, uh, read Reddit? — but it can also help you prepare for everyday situations.

Like, let’s say you’re at a house party and a cat walks into the room. Which asshole are you going to be: the asshole who ignores the cat? The asshole who tries to pet the cat and scares it away? With Andy Pandy’s (thus far unavailable to the public) VR cat-petting simulator, you can try all of your cat-petting strats in a low-stakes, vegan environment.

Just like in real life, you can’t wait to hang out with that indifferent, sweetie-faced animal. And, just like in real life, your nervous robot hands will probably ruin the whole thing.

(If you don’t like VR and prefer classic text-based games, you might like the excellent text adventure “Cat-Petting Simulator 2014.”)

Yes, I Would Play This VR Cat-Petting Simulator