Donald Trump Takes Big Swing at ‘Little Marco’ in Florida Ad

Just Say No to Rubio.

The GOP civil war is taking over Florida’s airwaves. The American Future Fund has already filled the Sunshine State’s commercial breaks with a handful of anti-Trump ads, assailing the Republican front-runner as a draft-dodging con man with a potty-mouth. Among the highlights from AFF’s repertoire is a testimonial from a dissatisfied alumnus of Trump University and a very fun montage of Trump saying dirty words at public events.

Now, the Donald has decided to sling some televisual mud of his own, branding Florida senator Marco Rubio as a “corrupt, all talk, no action, politician,” in a new 60-second spot.

Corrupt Marco Rubio has spent years defrauding the people of Florida,” the narrator mournfully intones over soft piano. “As a legislator he flipped on a key vote after making a quick $200,000 selling the house to the mother of the bill’s lobbyist.”

The narrator goes on to note Rubio’s misuse of a Republican Party credit card on personal expenses. Finally, in the one part of the ad that sounds like it was written by Trump himself, the narrator declares Rubio “a total no-show in the U.S. Senate with the worst voting record of all.”

For most of his campaign, Trump has been reluctant to spend money for media attention. But the Florida primary is a big one. The state allocates delegates on a winner-take-all basis. Thus, a win in the Sunshine State would greatly improve the Donald’s chances of securing the nomination ahead of the convention. (It would also give him a decent chance of ending “little Marco’s” political career.) The most recent poll puts Trump ahead of Rubio, 38 to 30 percent. 

Trump Eviscerates Rubio in Florida Ad