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Trump Now Leading Among Crucial ‘Republicans Who Hate Trump’ Demographic

Donald Trump
Donald Trump building a big tent coalition of pro- and anti-Trump Republicans. Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Republican strategist Alex Castellanos was trying to lead a movement by Republicans to stop Donald Trump from capturing the party’s nomination. Castellanos’s plan was to fund millions of dollars in ads portraying Trump — not unfairly, we might add! — as a “strongman” who would lead Republicans into oblivion. But, well, times change. Nobody wanted to go along with Castellanos’s plan, Trump won a bunch of states, and now Castellanos is telling his party to pack it in:

They should have stood up for the change Donald Trump is bringing now but they didn’t.

Now, Trump has earned the nomination.  He won it, fair and square and we should respect that.  Donald Trump whipped the establishment and it is too late for the limp GOP establishment to ask their mommy to step in and rewrite the rules because they were humiliated for their impotence.

If Trump is going to be our nominee, as I believe he is, it is our mission to support Trump and make him the best nominee and president possible.

If you can’t imagine Marco Rubio raising hands with Trump this July in Cleveland, just bear in mind that the attempted ringleader of a countercoup to stop Trump basically just endorsed him.

Trump Leading Among ‘Republicans Who Hate Trump’