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Twitter Rallies Around Donald Trump Hostage Chris Christie

Last week Chris Christie announced he was endorsing Donald Trump in what many assumed was a shameless attempt to secure a position in the Trump administration (his post-campaign political career is looking pretty dismal). But Christie’s appearance at Trump’s bizarre Super Tuesday victory speech/press conference raised the possibility that the New Jersey governor’s endorsement is more Sopranos-esque than we realized. Just days after Trump appeared to kick Christie off his stage in Tennessee, directing him to “get on the plane and go home,” the governor elected to stand in Trump’s shot. Twitter quickly went to work, attempting to determine if the troubled look on Christie’s face was a sign that he’s realized his political future is now in the hands of the guy from The Apprentice, or a desperate attempt to alert the media that Trump has taken his loved ones hostage.

Twitter Rallies Around Trump Hostage Christie